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Why is domain so important?

Selecting the correct domain name will allow clients to find your site easier. when looking at domain name there are many factors you need to consider and these include:

Make it easy to type, make it short to avoid mistyping, target your area by adding your city name in the domain, research it and make sure the domain is not trademarked, build your brand by registering various extensions such as a .com and as well as a few mistyped domains to ensure someone else does not benefit from your hard work.

Then let us provide you with website hosting and setup your email so that you can start receiving emails on your business email.

Extensions and their relevance?

Firstly consider your domain extension and its relevance for the industry you find yourself in. play around with the keywords in your industry as well as having a look at Google trends to see the searching trends of South Africa.Follow this link where you will find the perfect explanation. 

Hosting and size

When you have decided on a domain name you need to select a hosting package. The size of your website will determine the hosting package you need. Websites with a lot of text usually take up less space then web pages with many photos. We will assist you in determining your needs via our support page.

Putting it all together

Getting to the designing side of things could be difficult but that is where we come in. You can download this form which allows you to give us a good insightful explanation of what type of website you are looking for. Please keep the information accurate as this is a crucial part in starting us on the right direction.