Great tips for selecting the best Domain Name

It can be stressful choosing a great domain name. Here are a few pointers that will help make your life easier.

Use or .com

With all the new extensions becoming available on the web it could be confusing to choose a domain name for your business. Stick to the trusted .com and domain extensions. Most tech savvy people will be typing or .com extensions at the end of the domain name. With smartphone keyboards incorporating the .com domain it is great to make that functionality available to your clients.

Use Keywords

Keywords incorporated into your domain name is a great way to get the most from SEO. This is a great way of guiding the search engines to your site. It is difficult to find the target keyword domain and chances are it has already been taken. Focus on close alternative keywords.

Keep it short

Keep your domain name short. Don’t place too many different keywords into your domain name. It will be difficult to remember the domain if you do this. It is also easier to make spelling mistakes for longer domain names.

Easy to spell and pronounce

When you share your domain you want it to be easy to come across and easy to spell. The domain name also needs to be easily understood.


The domain name needs to stand out. Its time to do some research in your niche. Have a look at the keywords that are being used in the domain names. Make sure not to use trademark names or copy other bloggers. Start a domain name search to come up with some great ideas.

Avoid hyphens

Hyphens are usually associated with spam domains. Try and avoid them. These hyphenated domains are also prone to typos. If you add a hyphen to prevent the customer from going to your competitor your client will probably end up on your competitors site.

Avoid double letters

make sure you don’t have double letters in your domain name. A domain like can be prone to typos and result in lost traffic.

Leave room for expansion

make sure that your domain will allow expansion. If you register a domain like you can at a later stage expand with You never know what your business will expand to so make sure there is room for expansion.

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