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June 15, 2022

Freelance web design or starting your agency: what to choose - Latest Digital Transformation Trends | Cloud News - Wire19

Most web designers start their careers as freelancers, and all professionals think about launching their own business sooner or later. Running a company has its unique challenges. To understand if it could work for you, consider the pros and cons of both the models.
As a freelancer, you work from job to job or complete projects for companies as a contractor. You are free to choose your own hours and be flexible with your work as long as you meet the deadlines. It doesn’t matter if you work at night, in the morning, or on weekends. When you start a design business, you will need fixed hours so your team will be able to collaborate.
A freelancer can work however and wherever they want, as internet connectivity is now ubiquitous. You can even become a “digital nomad” and travel the world. Experienced freelancers can choose what projects to take on and avoid difficult clients or uninspiring tasks. Naturally, beginners do not have this luxury. Here are some of the flaws to think about.
A well-established design agency has a steady workflow, a streamlined process, strong brand, marketing, and team. These are the things you will have to build from the ground up, but the rewards are impressive. You will create an asset that can run and generate profit without you. You will no longer have to monetize your own labor and time.
Obviously, an agency gets bigger returns, as a team can take on more work than any individual. Your employees will work on projects and bill your customers. As the owner, you will see ROI inconceivable for someone working solo.
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Obviously, starting a company requires more work and different skills than being a freelancer. Aside from doing client work, you will have to manage your team, market the business, manage the payroll, etc. This requires strong project management skills, an understanding of finance and accounting, and more. As a result, you will spend less time on actual design work. This is a drawback if you really enjoy it!
So, should you start a web design agency? It depends. If you love working on your own as a designer with flexible hours, becoming a project manager may not be inspiring. If you are eager to manage the day-to-day business of your own company, go for it!
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