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June 10, 2022

Here's what next year's Super Bowl logo will look like - NewscastStudio

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With the 2022 Super Bowl in the books, the logo for Super Bowl LVII was spotted in the wild at the traditional handoff ceremony between Los Angeles and Glendale, Arizona.
SportsLogos.net initially posted an image of the logo, which was shown on the in-room screens during the event. 
It was also shown, in a flatter version, on a football used during the proceedings.
The Super Bowl LVII logo on a football used at the traditional ‘handoff’ event. Photo courtesy Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.
Super Bowl LVII will be hosted by Glendale, Arizona, part of the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area.
Following the standardized logo format for Super Bowl logos, the 2023 design sticks with the blocky sans serif Roman numerals accented with color.
However, it’s worth noting that the 2023 version doesn’t simply take the 2022 layout and add an “I” to the end and then change out the color scheme.
Instead, the Glendale version uses a slightly wider, bolder typeface to form “LVII” (which is “57” in Roman numerals). The “V” in this design doesn’t spread its “arms” nearly as wide and the vertical strokes in the “L” and “I”s are noticeably thicker.
Following Super Bowl LVI’s introduction of using more color and local references inside the Roman numerals itself, the Arizona version features a collection of towering rock formations in bright purple and orange, while a “sky” is formed using various shades of teals and blues.
Super Bowl finally fixes pesky problem of what some read as an extra ‘I’ in its numbering
This logo also mostly avoids the issue of the trophy, which as been part of the logo since Super Bowl LI, being inadvertently read as an additional “I” and changing how the number is read.
However, unlike with the LVI version, the LVII one does not tuck the trophy entirely behind the letterforms — instead it appears to be behind the lower stroke of the “L” but in front of the “V.”
Other updates include a slightly more beveled, 3D edge to the Roman numerals and a less glassy look to them as well, though the trophy still remains highly metallic.
The typography for the words “Super Bowl” has also been updated to be a bit thicker, as has the border of the bar the words appear inside of.
This marks the second year that the “colorful” logo mandate is used, having been proceeded by mostly monochrome looks from Super Bowl LI through Super Bowl LV (all of which “suffered” from the extra “I” issue).

The logo released February 2022 is distinct from the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee uses, which, in its current form, includes an outline of the state set behind the words “Arizona Super Bowl LVII Host Committee 2023.”
The host committee is also a separate entity from the actual Super Bowl game itself — charged with both helping bring the big game to town and performing a variety of coordinating activities as the day draws near. Other states and cities have similar organizations.
In many ways, this is similar to how cities bidding and eventually selected as Olympics host cities typically form an organization the assembles the bid for hosting the games and then coordinates a wide variety of needs in the years between winning a bid and the actual games (which, in the case of the Olympics, often involves multi-billion dollar construction projects that can span well over a decade).
These committees typically develop a logo that represents the games in an “official” sense, but often rights holding broadcasters such as NBC design their own looks that only appear on their platforms. 
For example, as of now only the Summer 2028 and Winter 2032 Olympic host cities are known. The 2030 winter games and and 2036 summer ones are still out for bid.
Super Bowl LVII logo image from SportsLogos.net
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