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July 27, 2022

What is site design? What are the steps? - Tehran Times

In today 's world, with the shift of many traditional businesses to Internet businesses, the market for activities such as website design has flourished, but how to design a website, its steps, where and how to start, as well as the conditions of web design and costs It is one of the issues that should be considered.
In this article, while answering the above questions, we will examine the concept of website design, history and design steps of a successful site.
Site design history
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, made his name as the first web-maker in history with the launch of his first website in 1991. In the first website, hypertext and communication were used to send emails. This simple text site does not use any graphics, images or even colors and is still available.
Define site design
If we want to have a simple definition of site design, we must say that site design means designing and building a website or optimizing and redesigning an old site on the Internet. Website design for various businesses, including: medical site design, advocacy site design, news site design, corporate site design and online store site design. In coding and designing a professional site, all the basic principles of SEO are observed. In fact, site design includes 4 main steps, which we will fully explain in the following:
-  Wire frame design
In the first stage of site design, according to the needs of the customer and the type of site, first an overview of the site should be designed and an overview of the site pages and the position and arrangement of different elements should be determined to this stage of design The site is called a wireframe design.
-  Graphic design of the site
After determining the location of the site elements in the wireframe design stage, now it is time to design the site graphic. The purpose of graphic design of the site is to use special software to give color and glaze to the design of the wire frame, and according to the type of internet business that is to be set up with the site, the color scheme and graphics of the site are designed.
-  Site coding and programming
After going through the steps of designing the wireframe and graphic design of the site, it is time for the site programming stage. In the site programming stage, according to the needs of the customer and the site model to be designed, different methods can be done for the site management. For this purpose, you can use content management systems such as WordPress, ASP.net  or program a dedicated framework from scratch.
- lunching Web site
After doing the 3 steps before the site design steps, what is the last step, which is to set up the site in a global Internet platform that is accessible anywhere in the world. In the last step, after preparing a suitable host and choosing a suitable domain name, the site will be configured and made available to the public.

What is site design? What are the steps?
What tools does a web designer need?
What are site design tools? In the following, we want to answer this question, after reading the title of this section, you must have thought to yourself that the first tool for designing a site is a powerful computer! Yes, you guessed it, the most basic tool for becoming a web designer is to create a powerful computer or laptop that can easily run graphic and coding programs and does not hang around while working so that all the site designer's attention is focused on the main task. In the next step, web design tools will be different according to the steps you read above, but one of the main web design tools are the same programming languages ​​and frameworks related to that language, which according to the taste of the designer and model Sites are selected.

What is site design? What are the steps?
What is the purpose of site design?
Your goal of designing a website may be different from the goal of another person from earth to sky, different sites are designed for different purposes Today, a website can be launched for all jobs and tasks. If you do a simple Google search, you will find that millions of sites have been designed with a different purpose and theme, including: store sites, personal sites, corporate sites, news and magazine sites, Academic sites, educational sites and… thousands of site models, each with a different goal.
Website design and digital marketing today play a significant role in marketing, attracting audiences and becoming customers.
 limitation of time and place and start selling well in a world without limits and money-making internet. Website design, in addition to site graphics and appropriate website content should also be seen on the first page of Google to be able to attract a high audience from the Internet, so website design with a website design company with experience and experience is the first step in the world of Internet marketing. Although at first glance, the process of designing a website may seem difficult and long and success in it requires learning certain skills, but once you get acquainted with the sweetness of this work and continue to do it with motivation, you will reach an acceptable position in a short time. In this article, we tried to explain the steps, principles and steps of site design, as well as its approximate costs. If you live in Mashhad and you are looking for a professional site designer in your city, just search for the phrase site design in Mashhad in the Google search engine and get a complete list of the best site design companies, then by comparison, services, Price and company facilities, you can choose the best option.
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