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Stuklick app designed with Wordpress in mind

First year students and their parents spend a lot of time finding suitable accommodation for their kids. Stuklick was an app that we designed for one of our clients to make the process of finding lodging less daunting for parents especially parents that were not able to make it to Bloemfontein. These parents were able to browse online and make a pre-booking for student accommodation. Our main focus was to use Wordpress as the backend to keep it simple for the client when uploading new properties. Once this was done we worked on integrating it into an application. 

About the app...

The app is connected directly to the Wordpress backend which allows automated syncing between the app and the website. This also allows students and parents who do not have access to computers to easily access all the properties directly from their phones and tablets. 

Design aspects

Simplicity was the main goal of the app. Due to the app information being online and all the information syncing from the server it was also important to keep things small to improve load speeds.  

Bronkies Houtwerk en Kuns

Bronkies Houtwerk & Kuns, is a small business with a big heart and great character.

Bronkies Houtwerk & Kuns was established in 2004 initially as a hobby, manufacturing educational aids for students and teachers. As our business expanded, we invested in our very first Laser cutting machine to assist us in the production of educational aids.
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Copyright @ Bronkies Houtwerk en Kuns

Lets talk pricing...

Our designs are custom built to ensure the design matches up with your corporate identity. 


✓ 1 Pager
✓ Contact us form
✓ Home section
✓ Services section
✓ About us section
✓ Contact us section
✓ Animated header
✓ Animations on-page
Point Eight
R 2199
Once off


✓ 2 - 5 Pages
✓ Contact us form
✓ Home page
✓ Services page
✓ About us page
✓ Contact us page
✓ Animated header
✓ Animations on-page
Point Seven
Once off


✓ More then 5 pages
✓ Ecommerce integration
✓ Phone App design
✓ API Integration
✓ Custom form design/pdf
✓ Video integration
✓ Subscription signup
✓ Credit card integration
✓ Offline/online data sync
Once off


The website was designed in Wordpress. There are advanced features built into the website which include an application form that automatically converts the form into a pdf with terms and conditions allowing the application to be easily submitted once signed.
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5Es Real Estate

The 5es Real Estate Developers is a Consulting and Construction organization, which is owned by black women from the Free State Province. The company aims to provide Consulting Professional Services utilising in-house capacity and expertise, through its Bloemfontein Offices. In order for 5Es to meet the expectations of our potential Client or Employers, the organisations utilises freelancers who are always willing to work under 5ES.
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Park Village Auctions

Looking for a property to rent or buy? We designed this beautiful site for Park Village Auctions. It has a custom made plugin with login page and search functionality.
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Pretty Gardens

A beautiful retreat located in Bloemfontein for the entire family. This site was designed with vibrant colours to emphasize the location as well as target market as it caters for the whole family. There are many activities weekly as well as many restaurants to choose from.
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We design websites all over South Africa from Bloemfontein. We design basic infinite scroll websites, multiple page websites as well as e-commerce websites. We can do the entire integration for you.
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